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Frequently Asked Questions

Eilean Donan CastleWe regularly get asked questions about Ar Turas and the services we offer. This page collects together some of the more common questions for you.

If you don’t finf the answer to tour question here, feel free to email us at enquiries@ar-turas.co.uk

Simply follow the link to Ancestry Research and decide which type of service you require. Once you have decided email enquiries@ar-turas.co.uk with details of your project

The prices for the different types of research are all clearly laid out on our Ancestry Research pages. Prices range from £150 for a Statutory Records Search, to £350 for a Full Records Search. The choice is yours

All that we need to start your search is detils of a birth, marriage or death in Scotland between 1855 and the present day. This could be as simple as your own birth. However, it helps us and reduces the time needed if you can send all the relevant information you have.

This depends on the type of search you require. Typically, a project takes between 4 and 10 weeks depending on the complexity of the search.

The finished product varies depending on the type of search you require. However, unlike some companies, you get everything we find with nothing held back and no extra charges. As a minimum you will get a report giving accurate transcripts of all birth, marriage and death certificates viewed during the search. You do not pay extra for the full details of the certificates. The more extensive the search, the more you receive.  All reports will be provided by email in PDF format

Ar Turas is from the Gaelic for Our Journey

Yes you can, normally we take all the information from a certificate or record entry and present that as a transcript. However, if you wish to have copies of the original certificates we can order these at the time of the research.

A formal extract copy of the records will cost £12 per copy in addition to the search charges. Black and white A4 prints of a record entry can be ordered at the time of the research for 60p per copy in addition to the search charges.

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