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Privacy Policy

Kelpie sculpture at the Falkirk WheelAt Ar Turas we always acts in accordance with the requirements of the UK Data Protection Act 1998. This means we capture, store and manage your data responsibly at all times.

We only collect information about you by asking for your personal details by email. We do this so that we can process your enquiry quickly, accurately and efficiently and so that we can offer you the most professional service.

We do not ask for more information than we need in order to respond to you nor do we store information for longer than is necessary.

We will only contact you in response to your enquiries and you will not be subjected to any unsolicited marketing e-mail. We will maintain the privacy of your details and will not disclose your personal details to any third party other than law enforcement agencies if required by law to do so.

Should you request it we will provide you with full details of any data we have stored about you and, at all times, we will protect your personal data from unauthorised access.

Any enquiries regarding our privacy policy should be directed to enquiries@ar-turas.co.uk

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