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Ar Turas Full Roots Search

Explore all your ancestors

The Ar Turas Full Roots Search covers a statutory records search as in the Sapling search but we also include:

  • Search of the Census records (every decade from 1841)
  • Search of the Old Parish Registers (maximum range 1553 - 1854)
  • Search for any Wills & Testaments)

We will supply transcripts of all certificates and record entries as part of this service.

The Ar Turas Full Roots Search is priced at £395. You are asked to pay a £195 deposit with the remainder payable only when you receive the finished work. Please email initially to discuss your project. We'll then email you an invoice for the deposit and give you information on ways to pay.

If you require actual certificates or copies of Parish Registers/Census Records/Wills & Testaments please let us know at the time of ordering and we will advise the extra cost.


Generally we send your completed search document by email and this cost is included in the above prices. If you require the document on a CD, printed or on a memory stick please ask for the additional costs.